What to expect

Coaching with Christine

….elicits your inner knowledge to improve your life experience. It involves supporting your discovery of inner motivations and challenges, diffusing  resistance, and energizing a new plan of action. Coaching in its most basic form is entirely led by you and based on your strengths and resources.


That means it’s all about you!

If that makes you nervous, don’t worry.  You have what it takes! Your bags are packed for this journey. My job is to travel alongside you, carry extra batteries for your flashlights, point out significant scenery, and encourage you to stay focused as you move toward your destination. I am familiar with typical patterns of thinking and behaving and know how to help you regroup when you feel lost and tired.  I help you plot your course and read your map, whether you are visiting one little town at a time or traversing the whole country–be that inner, or outer territory.

I work with people from a wide set of backgrounds, from fledgling artists to 30-year corporate career veterans, entrepreneurs to healers. What they have in common is the inner knowing they can do or be more, the belief in possibility, and willingness to apply themselves. They come to coaching because a very deep urge inside is asking for transformation.

We begin with you stating your intentions and giving some background. Together we identify the place to start and explore together the landscape of choices and changes. You deepen into knowing yourself better as you bump against what is easy, what may be difficult. We take heart in the successes, both small and large that keep you on the path.  As the weeks go by, we track what is working for you and be more of that! You are only limited by your courage to be yourself. I will help you see that part of you.

What to expect from Coached by Christine

  • Access inner wisdom
  • Make choices with confidence
  • Free up your creativity
  • Infuse your everyday life with your true personality
  • Live from your core values
  • Confidently lead yourself and others
  • Lighten up and feel energized
  • Enjoy greater happiness and contentment
  • Accomplish your goals

Time and time again, my clients tell me about the positive impact coaching has had on their lives. How do you know if you are ready for coaching? I offer complimentary discovery sessions to explore your readiness and whether we are a match. Head on over to my contact page and let me know you are interested.

I specialize in deep listening, artful inquiry, and seeing with my soul.  I bring with me my lifelong journey of healing myself and others and my ongoing dedication to inner and outer peace. Read more about me here.  I am willing to hop on board your journey and support your navigation; I know you will expand in the right direction.