“out of old beliefs and patterns”

Christine is naturally gifted with creativity, intuition, and compassion.  She knows just the right questions to ask in order to get me out of old beliefs and patterns that are keeping me stuck with my health.  She brings much positivity but is also realistic and grounded.   Christine is  one of the best coaches out… Read More

“I have launched my business”

Christine is a wonderful coach who helped me move to action on my business.  She worked with me for three months assisting me in gaining clarity on how I wanted to roll out my business to the world.  I was able to work through the things that was holding me back and preventing me from… Read More

“Supported and heard”

“Christine provided a consistent presence and multiple approaches for facilitating self reflection. I didn’t feel coached as much as I felt supported and heard as I explored my perceptions of what stops me from moving forward with my goals” –Brynne P., Charlottesville VA

“I became deeply aware of what I value most”

“In the months prior to working with Christine. I had left a long, painful relationship, moved to a new city, and started a new career – the trifecta of life changes! I was excited by new possibilities, but I was also terrified. I felt like I carried so much stress and emotional baggage from the… Read More

“Incredibly helpful”

“Christine’s ability to be emotionally present, logical, and deeply insightful combine to make her an amazing professional coach. She looked at the issue I was working through in a holistic way, examining it both rationally/factually and emotionally, allowing both realms to exist simultaneously (as they do in real life).  I found my session with her… Read More