Personal Coaching

It’s time to be you.

The core of coaching is deeply personal. You have identified a sore point, become aware of a blind spot or deficit and recognize a deep yearning to shift some aspect of yourself in order to  achieve your goals. You’ve been making progress and gains, but it’s time for serious traction. You are just not sure how to successfully accomplish the shift.

Jasper Farish
What is ready to be expressed? Used with permission by the artist, Jasper Farish

I regard discovery of these aches as the mark of someone who is evolving personally, professionally, and relationally.  You no longer want to avoid the discomfort, you recognize that you are capable of much more, and now you are seeking solutions; you are taking yourself seriously.

People come to coaching with all kinds of complaints, concerns and pains, AND all kinds of hopes and dreams for themselves. The process of coaching allows for you to enter into a journey of self-discovery, frequently confronting your long-held beliefs, challenging the way you see yourself and your world, and taking action to move yourself from that new awareness to your desired place. You have proven over and over that you can weather the process of transformation and relish the journey as you make your way to your destination.

Why a Coach for deeply personal transformation? 

You have accomplished significant personal growth on your own and now you realize something continues to hold you back from accomplishing some serious and critical life goals. It’s been a blessing to realize that this is your life and now you know you must make a shift to live the life you are meant to. Do you resonate with “If you can dream it, you can do It?” Do feel inside that you have what it takes, but just can’t figure out how to make the impossible, possible? As a coach, I live on this edge of knowing that feeling myself and urging YOU into the realm of possibility through deep and meaningful conversations and introspection to direct the next movements in your life.

Coaching is unique because you have a collaborative partner who wants you to succeed and will explore all the options with you to get there. You set the agenda and lay out the problem; your coach assists you in assessing how to move forward, what resources you have, what you need, how to shift your mindset, how to access your higher wisdom and how to hold yourself accountable.

What is your situation? Head on over to my contact page and we can schedule a time to explore what coaching feels like and how it may serve you.