Leadership Coaching

Are you leading by default or are you consciously choosing how your thoughts, behaviors and feelings are impacting those around you?

Whether we are aware or not, we are all leaders, setting examples and giving permissions for ideas and actions at all times.  Whether you are a parent of two children,  a seasoned corporate director, or a small business owner, others are looking up to you for direction, mentorship, consultation, and oversight.  Yet, how do we truly know what our impact may be on them? How do we take inventory and strengthen our skills, our attitude, and our leadership style to benefit our organizations, and remain in alignment with our personal values?


Do I need Leadership Coaching?

You rely on outcomes to indicate that your leadership has merit, but you know that you have areas for improvement for yourself, the problems show up in the numbers, and you are aware of the stress in your organization. To your credit , you know that you hold the key to addressing the larger problems by looking at your own issues– but you need guidance on where to start.

Core Energy Leadership


Leadership Coaching clients begin by taking the Energy Leadership Index™ assessment to explore current leadership strategies and uncover assets and areas for improvement. In the assessment de-brief process, clients learn about the different levels of energy that they embody and how some styles can suppress success and how other styles can inspire success. In collaborative partnership with me, we explore in-depth the behaviors that can leverage improvement, focusing on how we can harness the power of personal strengths and organizational resources, gain new insights and put new ideas into action.

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The Energy Leadership Index Assessment 360 is available, for up to 25 of members of your team, to assess your leadership style. This information is invaluable for those who genuinely want to foster their highest expression of leadership.

Engage your Leadership!

Coaching for conscious leadership is a rich process both personally and professionally.  Head on over to my contact page and let me know what you are thinking; let’s talk in person to determine what is right for you.

November  07, 2018.    Christine Brodmerkel
Christine Brodmerkel

Christine is a professional leadership coach with over 20 years in operations management including founding and managing a green industry service, administration in a healthcare and academic setting, and management of an independent food retailer.

Her on-the-job people and business management training started with front-line positions and is supplemented with advanced training in psychology and leadership coaching.

Christine’s service-centric leadership style recognizes both the individual and the organization and seeks to build an alliance that facilitates meaningful shifts in perspective, participation and profits. Her focus is emotional intelligence, communication and relational development.