Woman Emerged:
A Weekend Journey in Painting, Writing, & Ceremony


Seven Oaks Retreat Center in Madison County Virginia

August 17-19, 2018

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Christine Brodmerkel Coaching

When is the last time that you gathered with women in ceremony, creativity and

What part of you emerged in the supportive company of others?

What part of you softened or came out from behind the busy you?
Christine Brodmerkel Life and Leadership Coach
What deeper themes in your life now deserve reflection about who you truly are and where you are headed?
What is whispering to emerge, if you can get quiet enough to listen?
I use ceremony, art, and writing in a process that allows me to honor where I am and lets me OPEN to my intuition, UN-EARTH buried thoughts and feelings, and RESPOND to urges to shift. For decades I have made art for this purpose, not caring what it looks like, but knowing it serves a deep purpose. Many of you know me as very creative and driven to discover unmet parts of me, willing to hear calls for my soul expansion and willing to offer self compassion to facilitate healing. Art has been an integral force in my life journey.
I want to introduce you to Intentional Creativity®, and I have a special opportunity to partner with Hobby Parent who is a teacher of this unique painting process that we both learned over the last 10 years from Shiloh Sofia McCloud.  It is a process that engages layers of the self and can be transformative as well as nurturing and revealing. No fancy skills or aptitude for being creative is required. This process and the supportive atmosphere we create will foster your own beautiful expression.
Woman Emerged Retreat Madison County Virginia August 2018
Hobby Parent, Mixed Media Artist, Certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher & Coach
We have a special retreat planned for August 17-19, 2018 in Madison County Virginia where a group of women will gather to deepen in to the fun and transformation offered by painting in this process and sharing the journey together.
What will it look like?
We gather with anticipation of going on a journey inward
We set intentions —maybe even just curiosity
We use our capacity to visualize and journey in our minds
We write questions and answers to ourselves
We connect to archetypes inside us to guide us
We play with canvas, color and brushes, allowing judgement to fall away
We trust the process
We have both an individual and group experience.
We return to our lives with insight & increased curiosity about ourselves and most of all, deeper respect for our journeys and living life on purpose.
I would so much enjoy your presence at our retreat to deepen into community, creativity and to listen to what is whispering to emerge!
We’ll be enjoying the grounds and accommodations at Seven Oaks Retreat Center in Madison, Virginia–about 40 minutes north of Charlottesville, Virginia.
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Much love,
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Christine Brodmerkel

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More about your facilitators:

HOBBY PARENT, Mixed Media Artist, Certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher & Coach

Woman Emerged Intentional Creativity®As an artist, teacher and coach living and working in my home & studio West of Charlottesville, Virginia, I live in view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, enjoying nature and its vast sources of artistic inspiration. My work emerges in acrylics, watercolor and mixed media, as well as graphic design. I began painting, drawing and illustrating in high school, although I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember.

I am especially intrigued by organic elements from nature, expressing my love of the outdoors. Combining a number of mixed media techniques inspired by natural objects, vintage collections, color & form, as well as intuitive, abstract and cosmic elements, my compositions create a uniquely mystical union.

My education began at Mary Washington College with a major in Studio Art under the tutelage of Joseph DiBella and I developed a love of Art History under Joseph Dreiss.  John Lamph, an abstract interpreter of intuitive feelings, influenced by Japanese printmaking and Zen philosophy, was another great influence on my work at MWC (now University of Mary Washington).

Inspiration comes from well known women artists such as Frida KahloGeorgia O’Keefe as well as lesser known Elyssa Rundle. The influence of art techniques by Flora Bowley and Tracy Verdugo, map making by Jill K Berry and the textile art of Liz Kettle, along with hours of perusing museum exhibits are incorporated into the workings of my art. Poetry by Shiloh SophiaMary OliverDavid Whyte, and Derek Wolcott are integrated as well.

I belong to a lineage of artists which originates with  Lenora Strauss, her apprentice Sue Hoya Sellers, and Sue’s protégé, Artist & Maestra Shiloh Sophia McCloud, in the Intentional Creativity® Method of painting.

Hobby’s grandfather, Ernest Brooks, was an artist and both her adopted parents, Tomboy & Hilda Hobbs, were musicians, crafters, and home builders.

Through online mixed media education, as well as in-studio instruction, the craft of spiritual journey, sacred mark making, and intuitive art is a culmination of Hobby’s past education and current pursuit of expressive arts in healing and transformation for women and all people.

“My intention for art and paintings is to inspire and uplift those who view my work, challenging them to see beyond what is visible to the eye, connecting with their heart. I make marks, choose colors, intuitively expressing my passion and what arrives through visioning and art journaling as I connect with the canvas and paint. The ability to make art, teach, coach and use creativity to inspire and help heal others is a great privilege.”


Coach Christine

Christine Brodmerkel MACP, Certified Professional Coach, ELI-MP

Are you leading by default or are you consciously choosing how your thoughts, behaviors and feelings are impacting those around you? Are old beliefs holding you back from taking the reins in your life? Whether we are aware or not, we are all leaders, setting examples and giving permissions for ideas and actions at all times. Whether you are a parent of two children, a seasoned corporate director or a small business owner, others are looking up to you for direction, mentorship, consultation and oversight. I can help you enter into a journey of self-discovery, frequently confronting your long-held beliefs, challenging the way you see yourself and your world and taking action to move yourself from that new awareness to your desired place.

I work with people from a wide set of backgrounds, from fledgling artists to 30-year corporate career veterans, entrepreneurs to healers. What they have in common is the inner knowing they can do or be more, the belief in possibility and willingness to apply themselves. They come to coaching because a very deep urge inside is asking for transformation.

I have studied healing, nature, nutrition, art and spirituality and metaphysicis and transitioned into coaching after running my family business and formally training and practicing as a psychotherapist. I coach from an integrative perspective, which invites input from, and exploration of, body, mind, emotions, and spiritual or philosophical aspects of self to attain broader and often hidden perspectives. My light-hearted coaching style supports client-centered insight and client-led direction through use of mindfulness, creative imagination and developing access to inner wisdom.

I am a certified professional coach with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. My on-going interests also include personal finances, nutrition, meditation, travel, and playing piano and guitar and singing.

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