Christine is a healer with a mission to support deep personal transformation for growth-minded people. From an early age, she studied psychology, alternative healing, nature and nutrition, and found her way to coaching after formally training and practicing as a psychotherapist and working in businesses settings.

“Coaching allows me to work with a wide variety of people through a strength-based orientation. It doesn’t matter who you are. You have a power inside of you that can be harnessed in the direction of your choosing. I help clients awaken to their innate self, reorient to the problem at hand, and ignite action.”

With both great respect for what she calls the “condition of being human,” and her light-hearted approach, she easily identifies her clients’ strengths and resources while deftly helping name challenges, road blocks, snake pits, and white-outs that hinder progress. Her coaching style supports client-centered insight and client-led direction through use of mindfulness, creative imagination, and developing access to inner wisdom.

Christine has a philosophy of holism, that healing or change must include the whole organism and that all tangible and intangible parts are interrelated. She coaches from an integrative perspective, which invites input from, and exploration of, body, mind, emotions, and spiritual or philosophical aspects of self to attain broader and often hidden perspectives. She believes transformation occurs when we provide support across our whole being and our psyche to experience integration.

Christine Brodmerkel is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through IPEC, received her formal psychotherapy training from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California, and is an intermediate level Somatic Experiencing practitioner. Her on-going healing interests include medical herbalism and nutrition for the treatment of chronic illness, developing insights and intuition through meditation, and harnessing the insights of neuroscience in the treatment of mental and physical disorders of depression and anxiety. She is an outdoor enthusiast, runs a tree care service with her husband, finds it fun to research and trade stocks, and still plans to master playing the piano.